Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Attack of the Query Letter Butterflies

Well, I did it. I sent the query letter to the agency of my dreams. I have been following this agency for a very long time and I am so freaked out about it. First, I want them to say they want to read a few paragraphs of my manuscript. If I could just get them to read a few chapters, I truly think they would like it.

Second, I have to tell you. I have not felt this scared and insecure since I was a teenager. It’s awful, just like I remember, yet it’s even worse this time. This time it’s not about a boy, or a basketball game, or an algebra test. This time it’s about everything that means anything to me right now as far as my dreams go.

I am walking on a plank into the unknown. This has only happened to me twice before. When I left home at seventeen, and when I had my first child. I did not know what to expect in both situations but I moved forward with my head up. I will continue to do that even now with this brand new journey. It is here, in the world of writing and story telling, that I am utterly and completely still childlike. Eeek.

So I did it. I hit the send button and now I wait. I sure hope that these butterflies that are flying around in my stomach subside. Realistically, it could take a while to hear back from the agency and I don’t like burping up butterflies.

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  1. Yay!!! You may not like the butterfly burps, but I love that you have them, cause if you didn't than this wouldn't be so important to you after all and that would be poopy because I can't wait to see you on bookshelves everywhere!! You got this! <3