Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Teaser...

So let me go back a few months or so... I say this because I really don't remember when I started writing my book. I just started and it flowed out of me like a wild fire on a hot day. I was consumed by it.

By the way, I've started on my next book and it takes place in Walsenburg. It's a much smaller book and for teens. Don't worry, I didn't use any real names!

Anyway, as you all know I started this dream late. Well “better late then never” I always say. Mrs. Hamilton (Now Lenzini) would be so proud. Once I realized that both my kids were at an age that I could actually do something for myself I jumped in and started swimming as hard and as fast as I could in the sea of my imagination.  

I pulled out old writings and ideas and started to look through all of them. I realized that I wrote a lot of poems and short stories as a kid. By the way, are all teen agers as depressing as I was? Anyway, I used some of these ideas in my current writings and right now I need more hours in a day. After work and for lunch I try to fit in as much writing as I can but it’s not enough at all. I have so many ideas!

Here is a teaser for all of my 2 followers of my completed book. It aimed at teens and young adults but I think everyone who likes fantasy will enjoy it.
This is a very small part of my book. Hope you like it….

I was watching the sidewalk as I walked and thought about what Shelly said. Just as I looked up, I saw Jesse leaning against the wall by the front entrance of my building. I stopped and looked around to see if he was alone. He was, thankfully.
Unbelievable, I thought and I shook my head at him. Jesse shrugged his shoulders and smiled that smile that gave me butterflies when he did it. Despite the butterflies, I narrowed my eyes at him.
“What are you doing here,” I asked as I approached.
He took a few steps closer to me and I could smell him instantly. My stomach tightened, he smelled so good and so comforting. He smelled like the air, trees, and earth after it rained. That was his inner smell. Outside he smelled like nice cologne mixed with the sweet smell of human blood that pulsed through his body. I swallowed hard and blocked the craving that smell brought with it.
“I noticed you’ve been avoiding me and I came to find out why,” he said.
“I’m…not avoiding you,” I said irritated and I stepped away from him.
Jesse wrinkled his brow. “It doesn’t seem like that to me,” he said sarcastically closing the space between us again.
“If you must know,” I said looking up to glare at him directly. He was taller than me. “I am avoiding the attention you brought me, not you.”
“What? That makes no sense,” he said and moved just a little bit closer to me.
His smell overwhelmed me. It made me feel safe. It made me feel desire. I swallowed hard; he seemed to have this power over me. No one has ever made me so nervous and so excited before.
I cleared my throat. “I was invisible before you came a long and started trying to have conversations and be friends with me,” I said.
I put down my back pack and crossed my arms defiantly. Mostly to create space between the two of us. He was taking my breath away, making my head feel fuzzy. I felt an ache inside my body as our energies touched.
“So, I want to be friends, who cares,” he said.
 Everyone cares. Haven’t you noticed that no one likes me? But they at least leave me alone so that’s fine with me,” I said.
Jesse stepped back a few steps from me and leaned his back against the wall. He was a very muscular. He crossed his arms and I had look to away before he saw the longing that I was trying to hide.. He was too attractive and I hated that I thought that about him. I hated that I wanted and liked to be around him. I hated that I imagined myself being held by those arms. I wanted to get closer to him, to feel the heat from his body on mine. His voice broke through my yearning.
“That’s not true, you are far from invisible,” he said and his smile widened. “Xavier likes you. A lot.”
I rolled my eyes at that comment. I could tell that my reaction pleased Jesse. The eyebrow above his right eye raised a little as he watched me and waited for me to comment on Xavier.
“He only stares. It annoys me to be honest. Besides he only makes the girls treat me worse. They are all so in love with him,” I sneered. “I mean, I show no interest in him at all and they still get all jealous and hateful. It’s ridiculous.”
Jesse shifted a little sideways so that he was looking at me but he remained leaning on the wall.
“So you don’t like Xavier,” he asked.
I looked at him and frowned. “No. I don’t like him. I don’t really even know him. I mean he seems nice enough and I would be friends with him but he never speaks to me. But no, I am not interested in Xavier,” I said.
“You do realize that it’s intimidation right,” he said.
“What’s intimidation,” I asked looking at Jesse again.
He looked at me more seriously. “You are. You are so beautiful that you intimidate everyone. All of them, the annoying girls and the obsessed boys. The girls deal by being mean and the boy’s just act like they don’t have a brain when you’re around,” Jesse said laughing.
“I can’t change how I look. I don’t bother anyone. Teenagers are weird these days,” I groaned.
I was saying this while I fought off a smile. He said I was beautiful and for some reason hearing him say it meant something to me. I have been told I was beautiful before. A lot of times actually, but when he said it, it made me happy.
So this is a part of my book where my main character encounters the boy she hates to love. I tried to capture a time and a feeling that all of us have experienced in our lives. You know, meeting that someone that gives you those confusing but good feelings for the first time ever. I hope it did that for you.

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