Sunday, October 14, 2012


Last weeks football practice was filled with the normal people and activities, but just on the otherside of the fence, there were police, FBI, CBI, and volunteer search teams combing the nieborhood, the school just 100 yeards away, and open space were anyone could get lost. But as these boys practiced, this activity that surrounded them on the other side of the fence weighed on their minds and hearts.

A child had gone missing, she was supposed to have gone to school one morning, but never made it. The community pulled together to find her, but after a week of hoping, all hope was lost, Jessica would never come home again.

Saturday came with so much pain and fear. A community broken, asking why. But this football team wanted to show their support the best way they knew how. All of their touchdown bucket money would be donated to Jessica's family. They wore stickers on their helmets in her memory, and the oposing team's coach lead a prayer of support.

In the aftermath, we will all fear for our children until the person who did this is brought to justice. We will all be suspiscious of anyone who looks out of place, of anyone who seems to linger around schools to long. We will hold our chilren close, and talk to them about how to deal with a stranger who may approach them. We will have to answer questions to scared children about evil people, answers we adults do not have.

My prayers go to Jessica's family.