Saturday, May 11, 2013

Will it ever be enough?

A long time ago, a really good friend of mine once gave me a letter. It was song lyrics, and I keep it close to me still, years later. Everyone has something inside that eats at them. Something that tugs at their very soul. Mine is that I have wasted so much time. That I have watched other's allow themselves to experience life outside of the walls we all put up around ourselves. If you never take chances, how will you ever know?

Did I ever say that I don't appreciate my life? Probably not, it wouldn't be true. I never took as many chances with my life that I would have liked, because it was not just my own life that I would be taking chances with. I have accomplished a lot, at nineteen years old, I never would have believed I could. Still, I wonder. I stare up at the sky, I look far beyond at the mountains to the west to feel amazed, and remember that there are no limitations. I feel hope and the absolute need to succeed.

Success, means something different to everyone. To me, success means that I am able to do the things that I love, and that I am able to support myself by doing them. It is true you know, if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.

So, back to the letter. The letter that I keep so close, the letter that I look at when I feel tired, when I feel like I have wasted time, when I feel like I have been left behind by adventure and chance. It ends like this...

You will never feel, that you have done enough
But you have, in the eyes of the world, you have done so much

...and it makes me cry, because I want to believe it.