Sunday, March 10, 2013

Caleb from The Star Relic

This is a drawing I did of Caleb, a character from my novel, The Star Relic
     Crashing thunder made me glance to the west and in the distance I could see a dark spot within the murky gray clouds. The spot danced gracefully, and as it drew near I realized it had wings. They were fighting against the wind and rain and surprisingly winning. I was watching a crow, and as it flew closer I felt myself getting hot as blood flowed to my face, and anger made me forget my lack of comfort.

     The unnaturally large crow landed and cawed, circling comically on the ledge a few feet away from me. I moved closer and knelt down beside him. “Would you please shift? I’m not in the mood!” I yelled irritably over the rain and thunder.

     The crow vibrated and shimmered, silvery sparkles surrounded him until finally, he turned into a beautiful boy. He was wearing blue jeans, brown work boots, and that’s it. I would have smiled with absolute pleasure at the sight of him, if I wasn’t so angry. Angry because he was here, and my sister wasn’t.

     Caleb was laughing when his transformation was complete. His thick black hair draped over his shoulders and he hugged himself as he shivered. He frowned and looked around. His golden brown skin showed goose bumps as the rain fell on him with no regard to his bare skin.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Everyone Has a Past

The stories in my head won't stop flowing! Here is another project I am working on. This one is a story I am writing about the life of Medusa. The life before she became a monster that is. I also thought that I would draw her for you (pre-monster).

The woman in the mural was beautiful, with the most precious smile he had ever seen. She had deep brilliant blue eyes, like ocean water that you wanted to swim in. Her eyes sparkled of knowledge and Her hair was brown with golden highlights and in flowed elegantly past her shoulders to her waste. It looked unbelievably soft, even in this mural it seemed you could reach out and touch it, and as Ampelius stared at the mural her hair started to flow as if a breeze flowed through it. The mural was alive and he gaped at it with amazement.
The woman was wearing a priestess gown. He recognized it. All of Athena’s temple priestesses wore these white gowns. The gown made her skin glow, golden and radiant. Her skin tone was olive and you could see the kiss of the sun on it. It was as if the sun reveled in her beauty as well. She wore a crown of gold in the shape of snake with ruby eyes. A belt at her waist was a golden olive branch. Her cheeks were rosy, her lips were full and pink. She smiled down at him from the mural. He was drawn to the woman on the wall as she was amazing and unbelievably gorgeous.