Saturday, November 30, 2013


Time passes much too fast. It seems like I have been writing the same few books forever. I am still taking an advanced writing course. I love it, and it's helping my writing a lot. I'm in the second phase of the second round of editing my book. I have been working on The Star Relic for this course. The book was completed, and since then has been molded, and remolded, taken apart, and put back together again and again. It's been an interesting experience!

I can't seem to find peace with my story yet. As I have edited I realized I need more emotional impact, more energy, more action. I have been dissecting my story, and hopefully making it better for my readers. At first, my instructor had me split the book into thirds. I edited each part, then she edited each part, then I made changes based on her suggestions. It was eye opening to say the least.

Now the book has been divided into two parts. I recently finished editing the first half and I am waiting for my instructor's feedback. While I wait I am editing the second half. It's also time to start to research publishers. I need to research pick out three of them for my next assignment. That makes my stomach ache. That is the hard part isn't it? The part where you will learn and accept either being loved, or rejected. Am I ready for that?

This is my dream. To be a published author. To share my stories with the world. I'm scared but I'm not giving up. My journey continues...