Monday, September 17, 2012


He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.
- Benjamin Franklin

I hear excuses all day long. It gets tiresome really. I can expect this from children, but in my case, I hear them from adults and most of all from adults in laedership positions. At what point does someone like this stop making excuses, decide to take action, work with what they have, put in extra effort, and get things done?
I wish I had the answer, because in truth, I figure it out. I figure out to how to get things done and I don’t have the staff, or the time, or the resources, but I have pride. It is my pride that makes me analyze a situation and come up with a way to do what I have to do, with the resources available.
I feel that respect is earned, and when it comes to work and commitment to do good work, I think having pride it the best motivator. It perplexes me to see others who have so little pride that they have excuses at the ready, before the conversation even begins. They bring nothing to the table except more reason to doubt their benefit of having a job at all.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Law of Attraction

I have been on a journey.

The first path I have taken is one of peace, inside and out. I am working toward new habits. The first one is to “let things go”. I can’t fix or change everything, but I can deal with them the best that I can. I will not obsess over the things that I cannot control, but I can deal them the best way that I can. I will not let myself obsess over the outcomes of my decisions, mistakes, or the changes in my life, good or bad. I will deal them the best way that I can, I will be at peace with that.

The second path that I am taking is that of positive karma and energy. Obsession: Focusing on one thing to the point that it consumes you, to the point that you forget everything else. When you do this you give so much of your energy to whatever it is that you are obsessing over. If you obsess about your fears, you give your fears power. If you obsess about someone or something you hate, you feed that hate, making it manifest and devour you. If you obsess about what you do not have, you will not ever get it.

The third path that I am following is to “agree to disagree”. People have their opinions, their beliefs, their faults, and that is just the way it is. I have my own opinions, beliefs and faults. We can share these things in a positive forum, debate our differences, but in the end after we have pleaded our cases, after we have explained our own reasoning and rationale, and we are still not on the same page…we all must just agree to disagree.

My best friend Nataline is a healer of the soul. She is the owner of Strawberry Moon Energetics and Holistic HealingOwner, Strawberry Moon Energetics & Holistic Healing & Traditional Medicine and Traditional Medicine. I went to her, not as a best friend but as I client, a student searching for balance. I learned that I have to change the energy within myself, to gain the things, positive things that I desire in my life.

The law of attraction is simple really. You attract into your life whatever you think about. Your dominant thoughts and emotions will find a way to manifest and become real. So I am putting all of my energy into my dreams, into all dreams, for all of the people in my life, pulling all things positive outward and inward though me so that I can heal and be happy.

Blessed be.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Where am I?

That's a question I often ask myself. My answer has been the same for a long time. I am not where I want to be. Not as far as the things I want to be doing that is. I have started traveling this road to my dreams late in life. So as my oldest son starts to move toward his, I am trying to move toward my own. A place in the near future.

I am moving toward this place that I have always envisioned myself being, and it feels like I am swimming in a pool of mud, pushing myself further, and harder to reach it. I am taking a second writing class, one that I was recommended for, that's a fact I am very proud of. It means that someone, a published writer (my professor), felt that my talent was worth moving forward.

My new professor is also a published writer and an artist. I could not have picked a better fit. So I am writing and dissecting one of my stories, so that in less then a year, I will be ready and prepared to look for someone to publish it, and to look for an agent willing to lead the way and take care of my best interests. That seems like a trip to mars on a pedal bike...but a trip I am taking.

So my friends, I end this blog today, listening to Creep by Radiohead. That's sort of strange isn't it?