Sunday, November 27, 2011


Inspiration. There’s a word. I am always looking for things that inspire me. Things that make my stomach tighten or that make me feel as if you have butterflies in it. Something that, when I look at the world is suddenly good again, something that leaves me in awe of its massive unexplainable beauty. These things are all around me, but I forget to look, or I do not have time to look.  

Still, I realized that I was missing something in my life, inspiration from things that make me feel alive. I drove to the Wahatoya’s recently, into Cuchara, into the San Isabel National Forest. The Wahatoya’s pulled me in and woke me up. These twin peaks sat in my back yard for my entire childhood unappreciated to say the least. As each year has passed, I find myself missing the mere the sight of them.

I see mountains everyday just as beautiful and grand as the Wahatoya’s but that gets tainted everyday that I have to drive east to work, away from the beauty and majestic landscape to the west. Away from the obvious miracles given to us by the Great Spirit and into the man made, cement colored, unnatural landscape to the east. It seriously depresses me sometimes.

The Wahatoya’s remind me of a simpler, more peaceful life. A life that I think everyone deserves - a kind of life that has been stripped away by the obsession for power and need for money. For most of us the mere need to survive drives us away from simplicity because we have to. We have to be involved and be part of the madness so that we can take care of our families. We are given no choice because money rules, without it - you starve, you fail, and you can’t survive.

So in truth I spend hours a day on the freeway, to get to a job that is stressful and uninspiring. But…it pays the bills and unfortunately that is all that matters when you have mouths to feed.  don't get me wrong, I like my job, I like most of the people there, but I realized that I don’t love it. I want to create and inspire others. To draw pictures and write stories. So I took a trip to a place that made me remember what I really wanted out of life…fulfillment, inspiration and the chance do something that I love from the very pit of my soul.   

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